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A set of Linux shell scripts to setup and managing web servers.


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Author (s) : Hossein Ebrahimi, An automation to install DNS updater (godaddy only), Apache, PHP 5.x, 7.x; ftp server, vpn-server (pptp) and telegram-cli

license AGPL-3.0 This code is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify i... [More]
2018-05-01 [link]

DNSupdater v0.51 Hossein Ebrahimi - Based on by Nazar78 @ v1.0 - 20160513 - 1st release. Adapted to work with log file and multi domains Hossein Ebrahimi -

license AGPL-3.0

This code is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify

it under the terms of the GNU Affero Gene... [More]
2018-05-01 [link]

A challenge to find all possible different solutions for a classical question named 'Shoes Size'
2018-04-12 [link]

Parnian MAPOut 2003-2008 2010-11-08
Parnian MAPOut 2003-2008


Parnian MAPOut


Package/Application name : Parnian MAPOut
Date : 2003-2008
Last version : 2.00
Interface languages : English
Type : Package
Operating systems : Windows XP, Vista, OSX
Compiler / Language : Microsoft Visual C++, Codewarrior Development / C & C++
Copyright : Commercial


MAPOut is a suite of plug-ins for Macromedia FreeHand 10/MX and QuarkXPress 5 that bridges Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology with high-end graphic design software for high quality creation, high resolution printing and electronic publishing of maps. Cartographic quality map production is now faster, easier and better.
Automatic map index creation - MAPOut makes the tedious process of map index creation easy, with it's new index creation tools. After labeling your map simply create a grid and select Index (ie. A,B,C...1,2,3..). Then use the new Make Index Tool to automatically generate a Access/FileMaker/Word/RTF/text file counting each labeled attribute and its corresponding cell location. This file can easily be imported into QuarkXPress or any desktop publishing program.
Cut and impose map - MAPOut on 3 easy step make a book from a map file. With this feature you can cut a map on any size and make automatically a book that include all information need in each page and add index of map pointes to book and finally make a imposed file on QuarkXPress for output.


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